A joint statement from Louise, Linda and Mike Carey on ChiZine Publications

The recent revelations concerning ChiZine have shocked and saddened us. We’ve collectively decided not to have any dealings with ChiZine going forward, and we’ve refused to renew their licence to publish the two novels we wrote for them, meaning the rights have now reverted to us.

For the record, we believe the very credible accusations of late payment, non-payment and psychological abuse that have been levelled against ChiZine’s editors, Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi, and the accounts of the toxic and predatory culture at ChiZine. We stand with the many creators and staffers who suffered those things.

Our own exposure was mercifully slight, and we’re in no need of support or sympathy. Obviously there are others who have suffered a great deal. Horror writer Dora Badger is working on a list of CZP authors, artists and contributors, along with ways to support them without supporting ChiZine. It’s up on Googledocs, and the link is here: https://docs.google.com/…/14xPJ3shSW2DB9ehstp7-HjrS-j…/edit…. .

Obviously there is no form of compensation or redress that will make up for the abuse and bullying described by former ChiZine staffers like Beverly Bambury, Kelsi Morris and Samantha Beiko, but we can all express our solidarity with them. And those of us who have any involvement in the small press scene can try to ensure, going forward, that we’re more vigilant about things like this and speak out when we see them.

Louise, Linda and Mike Carey

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